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Our team


Jason W.

Chief Executive Officer


Melanie W.

Executive Assistant


Tom H.

Media Network Director


Carmen I.

Crypto ChitChat Host


Brian N.

Senior Content Editor


We collect a 10% transaction fee for every buy, sell, and transfer. This allows us to continually fund the development of our utility and helps ensure the long-term health of the project. The details about the distribution of these funds can be found below.



A total of 3% of every transaction is redistributed to our holders. You benefit from every buy, sale, and transfer of our token. This rewards our diamond hands and solidifies a strong baseline for the project.



We're making use of a 2% auto liquidity fee to stabilize our LP pool. Keeping the liquidity at a healthy level is necessary to keep the token economy healthy.



Making use of a 2% transaction fee for marketing allows us to expand our ecosystem to the whole crypto community. People have to hear about us and do their own research to become a member of our community.



Directing 2% of all transferred tokens to the development wallet allows our project to grow from a technical standpoint. Including new utility services, hardening existing ones, and maintaining the overall project are only a few reasons to build up those funds. These funds will be used for the website, servers, and other hosting data to enable us to provide our utility.



Every project requires personnel to create and maintain the system. Collecting 1% transaction fees for the administration complements our project fees and ensures robust services.

Our Mission

The DYOR Project strives to educate investors by providing the tools necessary to not only survive but thrive in the world of cryptocurrency. Our community is driven by people that were victimized by scams and fraud,and this is what drives us to fulfill our mission.

We work to equip our holders to protect their investments and themselves through fundamental, essential knowledge, and accurate information. We empower investors to be proactive, not reactive. Our goal is to change the crypto world one investor at a time through education, empowerment, and community.

Our mission is to ensure that investors have access to the tools and knowledge to invest safely in financial products based on crypto and that the cryptosphere becomes a better place for all.

Our foundational pillars


We want to ensure that all investors have access to knowledge which will enable them to safely invest in financial products and projects in the cryptosphere.


We strive to equip our holders with essential tools that will help them analyze, appraise and protect their investments in order to ensure that attackers and scammers are kept at bay.


We aim to empower our holders by building a strong community where investors can discuss, support each other and proactively share important information and leads.


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